Unit Descriptions

Note: This document may not be correct. Some entries are more complete than others. Hopefully, this document will fill out as time passes. Many of the fighters and weapons need better names. This is noted. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

LB-113B Fire Blossum

No fighter ever bore a more appropriate name. The Fire Blossum, a light bomber, was originally to be named the 'Caimen'. But its name was quickly changed after the first prototype destroyed the test range and part of the observation station in a hail of flames and explosions. News Vid reports of the accident described the scene as an 'immense blossum of fire, flame, and fury that seemed, to those who were unfortunate enough to be there, to envelop heaven and hell itself'. The name stuck.

Class: Light Bomber


Strengths: Tends to blow everything up Heavy area effect weaponry Heavy armor

Weaknesses: Tends to blow everything up Slow and sluggish compared to most fighters Poor missle defense

Tactics: The name of the game with the Fire Blossum is keeping your fire _down_. This light bomber has a terribly tendency for collateral damage. It tends to blow everything up... including the bad guys, the good guys, and anyone else in the vicinity.. including itself. Yet, it only survives by being aggressive. It has no defenses. It can't dodge missiles. It can't outrun anything. It's defense is to blow up everything before anything can shoot at it. Because of these, the best thing to keep in mind while flying a Fire Blossum is: Stay away from your own fleet and attack concentrations of enemy fighters. Fire Blossums are hard to deploy with other fighters. Teamwork is a difficult concept for a Fire Blossum. 'Blow up'.. now there's a term a Fire Blossum understands.

HB-3C Devastator

Take two very large heavy blast cannons, strap them together with a command pod and engine pack and you have... The Devastator.

Class: Heavy Bomber


Strengths: Blows up anything that gets in front of it Very tough

Weaknesses: Very sluggish No defenses

Tactics: Devastators require escort. They can't engage fighters on their own. They should hang around the edge of a battle picking off fighters at range or acting as fire support against capital ships.

HB-14D Dragon

The Dragon is a big nasty heavy bomber. Not meant as an anti-ship killer, the Dragon is a very effective anti-fighter/anti-bomber platform.

Class: Heavy Bomber


Strengths: Heavily armed and armored

Weaknesses: Slow Expensive

Tactics: Straightforward. Just go in there and kill them. This is an aggressive heavy bomber. Blast away!

HB-20C Hydra

The Hydra is protected by orbitting drones that zap anything that comes near.

Class: Heavy Bomber


Strengths: Drones tear things apart at close range

Weaknesses: Not very powerful after its drone have been destroyed.

Tactics: Go forth and kill. Watch out for direct fire weapons. Your drones can't protect you from them.

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