Exotic Fighter Descriptions

Note: This document may not be correct. Some entries are more complete than others. Hopefully, this document will fill out as time passes. Many of the fighters and weapons need better names. This is noted. Suggestions would be much appreciated!

HF-1C Super Hell Fighter

The Super Hell Fighter is an experimental model of the Hell Fighter. These fighters are rare and outrageously expensive. The HF-1C is contructed of rare materials and technology beyond the cutting edge. These fighters are dangerous. Incredibly so. Costing nearly as much as frigates, these fighters are currently very rare and more expensive than they are worth. The cutting edge has a high price tag.

Class: Space Superiority Fighter



Weaknesses: Are you kidding?

Tactics: Same tactics as the Hell Fighter, only meaner. Much meaner.

X-27B Phoenix

The Phoenix was developed out of an expirimental platform for testing power absorbtion panels. A small craft was lined with these panels and fired upon to test the effectiveness of the absorption. As the experiment went on, better platforms were needed as test beds. At first, civilian craft were used. But it soon became apparent that these craft just didn't have the structural integrity to survive the pure shock of the increasingly more destructive weapons that were being used in the testing, even though the panels themselves could absorb the blasts. Old fighter frames were soon fitted with absorber panels. These could take the shock, but soon they just were not able to handle the systems being retrofitted to them. The scientists finally set out to design their own platform from scratch. Designed from the ground up to house the power absorber panels, the new design had large two large pylons along its fuselauge to house the experimental systems. By this time, the small platform (only marginally larger than a Flea!) was able to sustain a direct hit from a SWAT missle without so much as a scratch (though just barely!). When the military finally took interest in the project, the platform was retrofitted with phaser cannons and heavier engines. It became the X-27B Phoenix.

Class: Space Superiority Fighter


Strengths: Virtually immune to weaker fire Unlimitted ammunition Small size Gains more energy as it takes 'damage'

Weaknesses: Pops when its absorbers are full Weak weaponry Weak reactor (relies on PA panels for energy)

Tactics: The Phoenix is perhaps the most peculiar fighter in known space. Most pilots never enjoy being hit. Phoenix pilots all but rely on it. This fighter relies on enemy fire to provide energy for its absorber panels.. and thus its phaser cannons and engines. It's reactor was never meant to power combat weaponry. Keep your eye on your energy levels and Power Absorber levels when flying this fighter AT ALL TIMES. You want your panels clear and your batteries full. When your panels are full, fire your phasers to dissipate energy faster. When your batteries are empty, conserve power or attempt to take light hits. When fighting against Phoenixs, remember not to just pepper them with fire. It only makes them stronger. Hit them _hard_ and all at once and they pop like grapes. The Phoenix has been nick named the 'Black Jack' by its pilots. That's because it gets stronger and stronger until its panels reach peek levels... any more damage beyond that, and your busted.

ST-1A Spectre

You got it. It's the token stealth fighter!

Class: Stealth Fighter


Strengths: It can become invisible

Weaknesses: It's an eggshell It's a hopeless fighter when it's decloaked

Tactics: Straightforward. Cloak. Take a shot. And run. Stray shots will kill you. Stay away from concentrations of fire or fighters. Frag fighters that wander off by themselves. (Note: The computer intelligence doesn't handle Spectre's very well at all yet)

ML-3 Porcupine

This is a mine layer fighter.

Class: Mine Laying Fighter


Note: Omni directional thrusters are activated by holding down button 1. With these thrusters activated, the fighter will not turn. Left and right will cause the fighter to slide left and right rather than turning. Note also that fighters with Omni directional thrusters have no brakes. They have reverse thrust instead.

Strengths: Hard to destroy Very defensive Protects friendly vessels

Weaknesses: Almost no offensive ability Slow

Tactics: Deploy your mines and hide behind them. Keep in mind that they don't last forever, so use them as sparingly as you can get away with. Your mines will not be triggered by friendly units and enemy ships can not fire through them. Mines provide an effective barrier against enemy fire and fighters.

X-13A Repulsor

The Repulsor is a unique fighter with two large repulsion generators.

Class: Space Superiority Fighter


Strengths: Hard to hit Able to sweep fighters and weapons about

Weaknesses: Hard to use effectively Runs out of power quickly

Tactics: Use the repulsion field to press missles back into the launching fighters. Or to sweep fighters aside. You can interpose yourself between enemy fighters and your crippled fighters to protect them. Use the repulsion field sparingly! It eats energy very quickly. Usually short bursts at close range will bounce missles away effectively.

SM-66A Sniper

Sniper summary

Class: Special


Strengths: Long ranged n stuff hehehhehhehehehh

Weaknesses: Slow n stuff hehhehehehehhhehheh

Tactics: The streets shall flow with the blood of the unbelievers!

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