Fan Sites

Hell Fighter is quite popular, and has gained an almost cult following. Until recently, I've tried to keep a strong cap on the game. Asking that it not be posted around on web sites and such. But it's popularity has been too great, and I haven't been able to hold it back. Since my original reason for holding the game back was fear that it would not be well received... well, I guess that's a little silly now, isn't it? So I've given some fans permission to run fan sites.

Please note: These are not official sites. I have given these sites (and only these sites) permission to post their unofficial Hell Fighter materials. I retain all rights to Hell Fighter.

Hell Fighter Newbie FAQ Read this first. Ask questions later.
Hell Fighter Database An attempt at bringing all the information from Hell Fighter together. This is not an official site, so it's not totally accurate. But still interesting.
Nemisis's Web Site Nemisis has been creating cool real time 3D models for the upcoming 3D version of Hell Fighter.
Patrick Stewart's Hell Fighter Glossary In case you were wondering what a Racker was...
HFB Hacking Guide Dissection of the HFB file format...

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